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BRF: Book Review Friday

New Book - Peeking Over The Edge:views from life's middle
by Cathy Jo Marley, April, 2006
Soft Cover, perfect bound, 163 pages, printed on recycled paper
Infinity Publishing - ISBN 0-7414-3169-6 at $14.95.

Accomplished writer, yet new book author chooses POD
for essay/memoir publication.

In an interview with Cathy Jo Marley - Ms. Marley gave the following comments.

"I did a lot of research into publishing before I decided to go with a POD, meaning print on demand. As a first time book author, I wanted to use a publishing vehicle which best suited my own ideas and goals. I liked Infinity Publishing because they offered a package I thought worked well with the essay/memoir genre that I wanted published. Infinity was professional, affordable, and expedient in getting my finished book out on the market. I would use this company again. I know, POD is not the choice for everyone but I am happy going this route over the traditional publishing methods. So far I am having great fun and wonderful success in promoting and selling my first book."

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Peeking Over The Edge by Cathy Jo Marley is a book that reads smoothly. Ms. Marley tackles the difficult genre of essay plus memoir with a two edge sword. She gives voice to the main stream life of the middle-age wife/mother/business woman while also traveling through her dreams and desires for her own creative, sometimes glamorous, somewhat mysterious decisions in crafting a unique identity.

Although this is not an "in your face" desperate housewife, one does get the concept from her writing that there is a quiet desperation at times hiding just below her well-ordered life. She maybe peeking over the edge but sometimes it is as though she has fallen through a large chasm and is trying to pull herself up. An experience it is easy to identify with as most of us walk our own roads of trials and tribulations.

Because this book is well written and addresses the record of a woman's endeavor to understand the feminine acceptance or non-acceptance of life's myriad challenges; including weight and appearances, getting older, births and deaths of loved ones, becoming a stepmother, making a commitment to a traditional way of life and many more - this book is strongly recommended as inspired reading.

This reader however hopes Ms. Marley has another book forth coming where we can truly see the passions of the writer. Peeking Over The Edge needs to leads us into the mountains and the canyons of the writer's psyche so that we can see what is truly buried in the sub-conscious observations of this truly talented muse. This will inspire and motivate the rest of us to "take the leap" at any age.

Some of the words and thoughts which are well crafted are, "You see, no matter how hard I tried to make it untrue, much of my self- image was irretrievably linked to my size. I suppose that's the curse of many seriously heavy people. For years, I irrationally believed if I could only lose weight, everything else would magically fall into place. " & "I know whatever life hands me today will be different tomorrow because, you see, things change."

Chapters I liked included Winged People In Feathered Coats, The White Suit and Mothers and Daughters. I am certain whatever chapters you read, you can enjoy the interesting, fun, and delightful collection of writings by Ms. Cathy Jo Marley and her book, Peeking Over The Edge.

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  1. Anonymous6:07 PM

    I can only say I am thrilled with Amber’s thoughtful review of Peeking Over the Edge. Her comment about inspiring and motivating others to "take the leap" at any age goes to the heart of what I hoped to accomplish with my words. I truly believe the greatest legacy any of us can leave is in the lives and hearts of others who learn by our example to live life to the very margins of existence, how ever they see that happening for them. If my words can inspire even one person to live more fully, this book will be a complete success. Thank you, Amber!

  2. Anonymous6:32 PM

    Not only have I enjoyed Cathy's book, those to whom I gave copies have also said how enjoyable and forthright it is. I am so looking forward to Cathy's next book!
    I am far past mid-life but that didn't deter me from reliving it with my friend, which I also did in real life!
    Bette Stanfield


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